How Sabrina Works with Couples

I really love working with couples!

Couples counseling sessions are 85 minutes in length and cover relationship topics such as building intimacy, developing healthy communication, healing from infidelity, developing loving connections, and resolving challenging family dynamics.

My specialties lie in working with couples who want to stay together and are experiencing challenges due to:

  • One or both partners being neurodiverse

  • Trauma histories or Complex PTSD

  • A recent affair or betrayal discovery

  • Husband-Wife business partnerships

Couples counseling is NOT APPROPRIATE for those experiencing:

  • Active or recent addictions and/or substance misuse/abuse or dependence

  • Active or recent domestic violence

  • An active affair

  • Serious untreated mental health concerns

  • Active legal issues that require an expert opinion

(In each of these cases it may be more appropriate to seek individual counseling or experts in each of these fields to provide services.)

"Sabrina Williams can coach anyone on anything...and I mean ANYTHING!" 

S.C., a Former Client

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