Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (or ART for short) is a protocol that is commonly used to help clients heal from traumatic experiences. It is an efficient, effective and creative technique also used with conditions such as chronic pain, stress and a variety of psychiatric conditions like phobias, OCD and depression.

One of the coolest parts of ART is how it's done. Using the same process that happens during sleep - rapid eye movement - clients process stored traumatic events that plague their memories and trigger symptoms.

Clients can choose to talk about the event they are processing or not - it does not impact the success of the therapy! It's also fast - with 1 to 5 sessions being clinically recommended, but most people resolve one issue in one session - so if there are multiple issues being treated, clients would benefit from additional sessions.

Sabrina has been offering ART sessions since 2020 and has used the process well over 100 times with clients. She's also experienced it for herself in her own healing journey.

"Sabrina Williams can coach anyone on anything...and I mean ANYTHING!" 

S.C., a Former Client

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